Ways to Give Back This Season

stock-giftPart of what I believe, and what I talked about in my last post, is that I love the inner beauty of my seniors. So many of them have huge hearts, and they are involved in volunteer work in their communities, bringing so much joy and love to those around them. And, they don’t just volunteer to get “credits” or senior projects done, they truly do it because they care about people . I really want to draw attention to this, because I think seniors have a real opportunity to serve their community in a unique way. I don’t think society expects teens or high schoolers to really care, but I think we can prove them wrong. I really believe that, and I believe in the seniors I have met! I wanted to give some ways YOU can give back (even if you’re not a senior) to your community this season:

  1. Pay it Forward! I love being at Starbucks and seeing people’s faces light up when they are told a stranger paid for their treats. What a simple way to make someone’s day. I was the recipient of a pay it forward treat the other day, and the person had left a simple note that said to “have a great day!”. It made me smile and meant the world!
  2. Bake homemade goodies: Bring goodies to a neighbor or a loved one who may live alone or not have many family members nearby for the holidays. A loaf of banana bread, or a  plate of cookies can make someone’s day and really brighten what might be a lonely time of year for them (make sure you note if they have nuts or allergens in them!)
  3. Bring thank you cards for your local civic servants. Fireman and policeman work year round to protect and serve our communities, and a simple note can mean a lot to them as they face difficult and unsafe situations every day. You can accompany these with goodies like above, if you’d like!
  4. Find ways to give to overlooked groups of people: You can make a huge difference by volunteering at a less glamorous place, like a food pantry or homeless shelter. It can be a lot less pretty or fun to volunteer at these places rather than with needy children, but it’s so vital to the community. Consider also bringing toiletries like tampons, soap, and razors, as these are always desperately needed by the homeless or needy.

I know that my teens and seniors CAN make a difference this season. I know their hearts are so huge, and these are types of things they jump on and make happen! If you are not a senior or a teen, please consider doing some of these anyways! Together, we can brighten the season for those around us.



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