Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer | The Road To STATE WRESTLING | Chiawana High School | Sydney

This is a personal post since yes, my daughter is a senior, but I wanted to document her journey as a wrestler. Sydney doesn’t often share that not only does she plays soccer, but that she wrestles. I always share pictures of her playing soccer but she asks me not to post any pictures of her while she is wrestling. This is her senior year and the end of her wrestling career, I decided, I would post some images of her journey to state. Sydney went last year and she didn’t do what she wanted to. She had unfinished business. It was a surprise to me when this season came around and she decided not to wrestle. Her dad encouraged her to wrestle this season. He told her it was her last year and she would regret it if she didn’t wrestle this season. Coming off a shoulder injury from soccer, she decided to and started practicing with the team. Sydney was rusty and resulted in a couple losses, but she was determined more than ever to not just make it to STATE, but to place. What does it take to make it to state you ask? While I have never wrestled in my life, but I can only compare it to my running. It is a grueling sport. The only person you can depend on is yourself and no one else. Just like in running, you are the only person to carry yourself across the finish line. Sydney would stay after practice to work on drilling, moves, anything she needed to perfect. Her mind set was all wrestling. She even told me one time that she dreams about wrestling. I am so impressed with her determination and motivation. She is definitely a true competitor. She has the will to win at everything she does. Not only does wrestling require after school practices, she would attend morning practices to lift. She did all this while juggling, college, school and club soccer. Still maintaining a 4.0 grade point average. Impressive. I know it was a difficult three months, but I know all the sweat, tears, blood shed and sore muscles, cuts, bruises etc… that it was worth it. Everything she had, she left it all on the mat this past weekend. Her reward, placing 4th at STATE. For a girl who has wrestled off and on since she was 5, her wrestling career comes to an end with an impressive finish. Her nick name fits her well, Sydvicious. She IS vicious! A true CHAMPION in my book! I admit, I shed a few tears as I was waiting for her to receive her medal. It was the last time I would see her wrestle and the sign of her growing up. I am so proud of you SYDNEY! You are an AMAZING YOUNG LADY! I love you!

PS… I have had the privilege to work for a north Seattle newspaper that allowed me to capture some amazing wrestling, including my daughter! My images have been published in the Mill Creek View. Thank you!

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