Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer | Pasco High School | Leslie | 2014 Senior

Meet the GORGEOUS Leslie from Pasco High School.  She is such a sweet girl.  When she arrived for her consultation, I instantly feel in love with her simple classic style.  I especially love love her leather jacket.  I think every girl needs one in her wardrobe.

We headed out for her session and just had an amazing time.  I kept telling her, you are not gonna want to wash your face tonight.  Trust me.  After I got my make up a couple of times, I tried to figure out a way to sleep with it on.  LOL!  She even tweeted that she didn’t want to wash her face that night. 🙂

During her session I was sharing my love for white cake and how they should try Frost Me Sweet’s cupcakes.  They are super delicious!  Seriously they are.  My favorite is the Red Velvet.  {to die for}  I was shocked when Leslie said she has never tried one.  What??!! Since Leslie and her boyfriend never tried one, we made a quick stop over and picked up some cupcakes. And yes, as usual, super yummy!  I downed that cupcake like it was my last meal.  (I am a sucker for any thing cake!!!) I told Leslie she had to wait to eat hers.  I didn’t want her lipstick to get messed up.  😉 We finished Leslie’s session with amazing light at the marina!  Gorgeous!  Everything about her session came out just perfect!  Love it!

Future Career: Psychology

Extra Curricular Activities: Yearbook

Sports, Hobbies and Fun Stuff: Softball

Favorite Fashion Trend: Don’t really have one, but love love jewelry

Favorite piece of clothing you own: White Lace top

Favorite Season: Fall

What’s your favorite color: White, Coral and Turquoise

Favorite memory of school so far: My first purple Friday as a Pasco High Student

Describe your personality: Outgoing, caring, helpful, goofy and respectable

Favorite Singer/Band: Beyonce!

Favorite latest movie: Don’t have one, but love comedy!

Favorite Classes: Math and Civics

Favorite Books: Mystery books and health magazines

Leslie, you are GORGEOUS!  I hope you have an amazing SENIOR YEAR!  Wish you the best with everything!

(And please please, go eat dinner at Frost Me Sweet, you won’t regret it! And while your there, eat a cupcake for me!) 😉  xo

MUA – Amy Rene Make Up Artistry

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