Taylor | Kamiakin High School | Seniors

“I want to feel comfortable and confident”, said Taylor. “All your photos look fantastic, and I wanted to be involved!” CONFIDENCE is something I always want these seniors to feel. They have enough voices telling them they aren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, and they need to hear THEY ARE! Taylor said the experience that shaped her the most was actually born from a time when she felt she wasn’t good enough. She was cut from the high school softball team in the freshman tryouts, and was devastated. “It made me not even try out my sophomore year”, she explained, “but I overcame it by practicing every day, and working hard to come back for junior year. I made the JV team, and became a starting pitcher. After the season was over, the varsity coach made a speech about me, telling all the girls and the parents my story, and telling them that he made a big mistake cutting me, and that I’ve taught him so many things and he’s so proud of how much I’ve came along.” Now, she spends the majority of her time playing softball, and calls herself a ‘silent leader’ on the field. Her compassion for others stretches beyond the softball field, and she says she hopes to become a paramedic or a addictions recovery counselor. Self-described as caring, loving, and enthusiastic, she has maintained a 3.8 G.P.A. amid a very busy schedule of competitive softball. “I want to be remembered in twenty years as the girl with bright ideas and a nice personality”, she said. I know she will be. Congratulations, Taylor, you’re a role model for girls everywhere that they are are GOOD ENOUGH, and can achieve their dreams!

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