Street Team | Wendy | Washington Senior Photography

Each year, I always ask some of my street team members the same question; “Why do you want to be on the street team and represent my photography?” and I love hearing their answers. I consider myself extremely lucky to have such amazing seniors alongside me, on my team, but I also love watching what they offer and give to each other and themselves. The senior street team experience builds confidence and joy, and it does it quietly and without a lot of fanfare…I’m not even sure the seniors realize it, but it makes them stronger.

“I want to represent Photography by Galicia because you are an amazing photographer and you really enjoy what you do and it shows. But I also like what the street team stands for, it’s about a bunch of seniors coming together to represent beauty in all forms”, said Wendy when I asked her, “You really like to enhance the fact that beauty is in everyone and I’ve always wanted to be a part of something like that, and a place where everyone can feel beautiful. Plus, I love that you encourage people to be themselves and that you yourself are an uplifting person with anyone you meet”. She nailed it. That’s 100% the kind of culture and environment I want to promote, and it starts with each of these seniors! Without further ado, here’s Wendy! I can’t wait to do her full session, which I will also share on the blog, so stay tuned.

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