Skyler | Kamiakin Seniors | Washington Portraiture

With her impressive 4.0 G.P.A., this girls has both brains and stunning beauty! But most importantly, she has a huge heart for people, change in the world, and her big dreams. Her story is incredibly moving, and with her permission, I’m sharing it today on the blog.
“When I was 16, I was diagnosed with ADHD. It was the month before my junior year, so getting a grasp on that was hard”, she explained, “I don’t know how I made it through my freshman and sophomore years with how much I procrastinated and daydreamed in my classes, but I think that was part of the values that my parents instilled in me; that school was my priority. When we realized something was wrong, I sought out help that I needed and was able to see a doctor who helped me get the medications I needed to focus and get on track. I never let it define me, and I never became a ‘victim’ of my mental struggle”. She has pushed through this struggle to achieve her impressive grades, and has used her obstacles to push her to success, something I really admire about her.

Skyler is part of the National Honor Society, and tutors several students at the high school in math. “I love math and science”, she says, “My brain is very logical, but also very creative since I am an artist, so it works well with math and science. I love that in math is always definite, there is always a solution to the problem you are trying to figure out, even if the solution is “no solution.” There is no analyzing or deeper meaning to it. Science is sort of the same way, in the way that whether or not people decide to believe it, it’s always true. It has been proven time and time again and sets the foundation and base for what we know, but is also infinite and the learning and discoveries within science are endless.” After her graduation, she hopes to attend college, where she will be the first generation attendee in her family. “ Due to being recently diagnosed with mental illness, and the love I’ve always had for the brain, I have decided that I want to be a neuropsychiatrist and give back to my community (and those who helped me through the rough patches of my life) by researching mental illnesses more and adding onto the little known information out there”, she concludes, “Hopefully I will be discovering new medications or therapies to help with those illnesses, rather than the hit-and-miss medications that are currently out there, and ultimately help those out there who have been in the same sort of situation that I have been. The University of Washington has a great neurobiology and medical program so as of right now, that is where I am hoping to go.”

Skyler, you’re a bright and beautiful inspiration. I can’t wait to watch you do amazing things in your medical career, and help many other young people overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams!

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