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I’ve always said that just offering senior portraits isn’t enough. I created the Street Team program to be about each and every girl. It’s about really getting to know them and sharing their story.

My street team is made of a group of girls who are from our area, and who share similar interests. My “perfect” street team are girls from all walks of life: first generation high school graduates and valedictorians. Girls who have overcome bullying. Girls who are at the top of their classes, and girls who have dealt with learning disabilities and sports injuries derailing their plans. Cheerleaders, basketball players, singers, artists, and fashionistas. There’s no pressure to fit in, because everyone fits in. My street team represents all of us.

For the past couple of months, I have felt the need to give my Street Team a platform to share their voice. To share real issues that are happening in their world, with the hopes of helping other girls. I’m so excited to share “Simply Influential” – a teen platform to inspire others.

Simply Influential isn’t like other platforms or magazines out there. The team will share from personal experiences, talk about real issues that aren’t being discussed (yes, even the hard ones) and cover topics that will help girls become a better version of who they ALREADY are.

Stay tuned! We can’t wait! Until then, meet the team!


“I’m excited to have the opportunity to share the way I feel about so many real topics that aren’t always covered in the media. It’s so cool to be part of something so different and be able to completely be myself and express my thoughts. I am hopeful that the topics we cover and the content we create can help the everyday teen learn that being exactly who you are, is and
always will be good enough!”
– Abby, Class of 2017 | Hanford High School


“I’m extremely excited to be involved with a group of intelligent, hardworking girls who are taking time to share their ideas for the benefit of teens around the world.  I love that I can talk about my favorite topics, fashion and beauty among others. I am also looking forward to taking what I’ve learned and applying it to future academics and business endeavors.”
– Alyssia, Class of 2018 | Richland High School



“I’m excited for this project because of the potential positive impact it could have on people and how it could benefit our community. I can’t wait to build new friendships and try new things. What could be better than writing about things I love, testing new products and ideas? I wanted to be part of this because of how different it is and how passionate I am about many different topics.”
-Emily, Class of 2017 | Kamiakin High School


“I’m excited to be part of this project because I get to meet new people and help other girls our age get through life. I’m glad that finally girls have an outlet to relate to, unlike popular magazines such as Seventeen. This is such a unique project that will help me get to know myself better and allow me to become a leader. I’m super excited to have my voice heard so that someone my age will turn to this in times of need.”
-Gina, Class of 2018 | Southridge High School



“I’m excited to be able to share my thoughts and experiences on tougher topics that aren’t talked about enough with so many girls in such a positive and impactful way. I’m ecstatic to be able to help girls believe in themselves and inspire them to be the very best version of themselves.”
-Timber, Class of 2018 | Kamiakin High School

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