Senna | Richland High School | 2014 Senior | Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer

Meet Senna.  She is one of my senior representatives this year.  I have had a blast getting to know and work with her and her family.  Actually if you really wanna know, Senna has an entourage.  I love it!  Every time I have met with her, she is surrounded by family and friends.   If this should tell you anything, her entrance theme song would most likely be Gun’s n Roses – Welcome to the Jungle.  (By the way – I LOVE that song).  She says it’s really such an EPIC song and basically the most memorable way of making a proper entrance.  True dat!!!

Favorite piece of clothing: Bright pink skinny jeans.  They make a statement.

Road Trip with a person (Dead or Alive): It would be with Adele.  Because she is an amazing signer, plus she’s really funny.  Also, because I love her accent and she could show me how to speak with a British accent.

Live in any movie: I would live in the Harry Potter movies.  Everyday would be different and whimsical.  It was my favorite series as a child, if was one of my favorite fantasies to be friends with Harry.

Sports/Activities/Hobbies: Tennis and running (a girl after my own heart – running).

Looking forward to the most about your senior year:  I feel like senior year IS the year I have been waiting for. I look forward to finishing high school and heading to college.

I love Senna’s style.  She is simple and beautiful.  She wanted her session to portray exactly who she is at this very moment in time.  Not go over the top, but with a little bit of glamour.  Senna says that her senior pictures is like swimming your whole life and you get 1 shot.  I agree, you get one shot and we got it RIGHT!!!  Her make up and clothing choice was very simple and so her.  I loved all of it!

Thank you so much Senna for being YOU!  You ROCK!  I wish you the very best and an AMAZING senior year!  Can’t wait to hear about the next chapter in your life.

And yes, WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE is an EPIC song.  🙂

MUA – Keri Meraz | Dolls

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