Samantha: Beauty Revived

I am beyond honored to share this project with you! I was asked to photograph and feature a deserving young woman to be part of America’s 50 Most Beautiful Teens by Beauty Revived. Please meet Samantha, and discover her inspiring and moving story!

Samantha is an incredible, strong, and resilient young woman. When she was twelve years old, she was diagnosed with a life-changing illness…Diabetes. She was overwhelmed by the diagnosis, and the changes she would have to make to her everyday life. The lancets, pens, glucagon…her life was turned upside-down as she learned to cope with the life-threatening changes. When she returned to school, she was ostracized by her closest friends at the time. Instead of being embittered by the trials and experience, she determined that Diabetes would not define her future. She rallied, became educated about the disease, and became emboldened to be an advocate for younger children who are going through what she did. Her tenacity and ability to turn around a difficult diagnosis are what makes her a beautiful and inspiring nominee. She displays true inner (and exterior!) beauty with her attitude and ability to keep fighting. In her words, “There is countless things I have learned after being diagnosed but if I had to say only one thing about this whole experience I would say, You get to decide which path you walk on. Let Diabetes follow you, not control you.

You can see more of her shoot over at Beauty Revived.

(Special thanks to MUA, Connie Delamora of Spa StudioOne, and Amanda Gardner Kuhn of PINK PEARL)

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