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You might remember Clara from her gorgeous bohemian session, and now, she’s back with her rustic, floral and feminine session. Girls, let’s talk necklaces! I love a good statement necklace, or a good pendant necklace, but there are tons of ways to ruin an awesome outfit with the wrong necklace. If you see below, Clara’s perfect jewelry pieces made her outfits pop, and elevated simple ensembles to super-chic ensembles.

Let’s walk through her necklines and the accompanying pieces below:

-Floral kimono and tank: Here, she chose a pretty statement piece that fit fairly close to her neck. It doesn’t touch her tank, and it draws attention to her face (always a good idea). And, because she has neutrals on for all three pieces, the statement necklace doesn’t overwhelm her outfit.

-Boho dress: For this look, she has a longer pendant necklace with a bronze tinge. The bronze works with her breezy dress by serving as an anchor piece. It also picks up on her more rustic boots. The longer length and simple lines of the necklace works well with her flowy sleeve/hemline.

-Royal blue tank and blazer: This black and gold mixed media piece really elevates this classic look and keeps it young and not to “business-ey”. The bangles also carry the gold tone throughout the overall look. A simple pendant would have not worked for this look, because it needed a longer length to balance out the proportions. Remember to not mix large prints and heavy statement pieces.

Don’t forget that I am always here to help guide you with your accessories and outfits. I want to make sure you feel amazing and confident, and your accessories play a huge part in that! Something as simple as a necklace can change your entire look. 

Premiere Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer_0504Premiere Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer_0505Premiere Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer_0506Premiere Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer_0507

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