Monica | Class of 2018 | Washington Senior Photographer

Something I really love to strive for, is a variety in locations. I want my seniors to have photos that they can display throughout their homes or dorm rooms, with lots of different stylings. I know that clients wants dressy, casual, outdoor, and urban locations, so I like to offer it all! Depending on your session, and what you request, we can usually make lots of fun things happen during your shoot. Monica got a little bit of everything during our time together, and it was pretty hard for me to narrow down my favorites! She’s graduating in the Class of 2018 from Kennewick High School, where she is active in volleyball and track. Monica is also managing to uphold her 3.8 G.P.A., as well as coaching for the local parks and rec department (she’s pretty impressive!).

At school, you’ll likely find Monica in her favorite classes, like literature, reading and writing, which she says, “are my favorite because I love reading, writing, and being able to express my points and opinions about the things I read about. Books like The Stranger have really changed my life, because they can make you look at people with a different perspective and realize that everyone’s mind works in different ways.” College is definitely in her plans, and she hopes to become an Ultrasound Technician when she graduates. Besides her academics, her athletic pursuits have shaped her life as well, and she adds, “I had coaches who tore me down…it was an obstacle, but I overcame by being the best I could be and proving them wrong. I feel I am a very strong and caring person, and I learned in high school that it’s okay to not be part of the status quo. It’s okay not to want to party, and make bad decisions just because people you know do so.” Monica also shared with me that she really hopes to be a role model for her sister, as well as the young girls she coaches in volleyball, be modeling kindness and encouragement.

I ended up being her senior photographer because Monica found me on Twitter! Are you following me on Twitter? I share lots of fun tips, and sneak peeks!

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