Lipstick and Heels | Kennewick Senior and Lifestyle Photographer | Photography by Galicia

“The higher the heel, the better! It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way…women should be tenacious, genuine, and believe in themselves.”
Christian Louboutin

Hello pink lipstick! Isn’t Paola’s lipstick the perfect pink? There’s something irresistibly girly and fun about high heels and pink lipstick. This stunning graduate is from Pasco High School, and wants to head to WSU Tri-Cities to major in pediatrics after graduation. “My favorite color to wear is pink”, she says,  “and black because black goes with everything!” We were able to bring both of her favorite colors into her shoot, and the black lace up heeled booties she chose were so fun and stylish! She says she would probably be considered a bit shy, but she also likes to be around her friends, and that she is outgoing and fun when she is with people she knows well. In her free time, she likes to read, play basketball, and bake. She told me that she heard my shoots are “super fun”, and that was a huge compliment! The best pictures are taken when the models are comfortable and feel able to be themselves.  She chose me for an urban shoot and said, “Each picture is very different. You incorporate people’s personalities into the shoot, so no session picture looks alike. They all look very professional and beautiful!” Thank you so much, Paola! You are lovely, and your photos came out so perfectly you!

Are you ready to book a shoot and have a blast, too? I can’t wait to meet you, please give me a call today!

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