Seniors | Kendal Hill | Southridge High School

My makeup artists always knock it out of the park, but on this session in particular, I loved the contouring and beautiful brows! They look natural but also glamorous, and enhanced the stunning beauty that Kendal, a senior from Southridge High School, already possessed. I know some gals are hesitant to have their makeup professionally done, but it truly makes a huge difference. I don’t really believe makeup should cover up natural beauty, but rather, it should simply accentuate the features that are already present. In addition, makeup done professionally gets my senior girls “camera ready” and prevents the camera from washing out skintone, or having uneven foundation lines or too much shimmer. Even girls who don’t normally wear makeup end up loving their finished look, because they realize the camera and light soften what may feel like more than they would wear every day. Kendal is a knockout, and her makeup is beautiful, feminine and polished.

Kendal is one busy girl, somehow managing to juggle a 4.0 G.P.A. alongside her time on the National Honor Society, key club, and mentoring program at the high school. She was also elected Senior Class President, and added cross country running to the mix as well. She says she would describe herself as “friendly, responsible and driven”, and adds that time management has been her biggest obstacle as well as accomplishment during her high school years. “In 20 years I hope to be remembered for my hard work”, she concluded, “I set high goals for myself that I continue to work towards and I hope that someday I will be remembered for being someone that doesn’t give up on anything. Nothing is greater than achieving something you’ve worked long and hard for, and I will continue to stand by that notion for the rest of my life!”. Though she was undecided on colleges when we did this session, she was considering UCLA, Pepperdine, University of Washington, or Georgetown. I know she will go on to do something AMAZING, and that her hard work will pay off in a huge way!


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