Jenna | Kamiakin High School | Seniors

“What do you want to be remembered for?”

I ask my seniors that sometimes, and I love hearing their answers. They are brave, strong, beautiful young people. But something I’ve learned along the way is how powerful words are. Often the seniors bring this up as I’m getting to know them, and they mention the power of words. Whether they overcame bullying, or they simply want to be a  better friend, almost every single teen I meet understands how quickly words can make or break a person’s spirit. This beautiful girl wants to be remembered for being caring, and the words she would choose to describe herself are fun, sweet, and athletic. But the biggest obstacle she faced in high school was overcoming the words of other’s around her. If only we could all move forward so graciously, only vowing to be kinder and more wise.

Jenna will graduate from Kamiakin, and she participated in track, 4-H and equestrian riding while she was there. She loves helping others, and hopes to become an occupational or physical therapist after graduation. In her spare time, she loves spending the day with friends, or horseback riding. We even got to include her horse in a few of her shots, and every single one is just gorgeous.

Today, remember that your words matter. Build someone up. Don’t let other’s words drag you down; instead let them be the catalyst to moving forward and becoming better.

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