Hazel | Class of 2017 Street Team | Washington Senior Photographer

I always ask my street team girls this: “If a song were to play when you walk into a room, what would it be?” and this gorgeous, vivacious girl said, “It would be Here Comes the Sun, because I am a fun, happy person!” I don’t think I could have summed her up any better; she truly brings a little bit of sunlight wherever she goes. She is graduating from Hanford High School, and was part of my Class of 2017 team. At Hanford, she is on the school dance team, and is involved in a good bit of student leadership, about which she says, “I love being involved in ASB and leadership, and I’m the class president this year. I’m also involved in the Link Crew, a group of upperclassmen that helps freshmen students transition to high school.”

“I’d say I would describe myself as friendly, funny, and nice. I love making new friends, and trying new things”, she adds, “I am very dedicated and a hard worker. I really wanted to represent Galicia because it seemed like such a cool experience. I loved the photos because they are gorgeous and they always highlight people’s personalities. I waited for the chance to join the PBG street team forever, and now I finally did!” As a photographer, I am committed to getting a variety of types of photos for all my graduates. I love the more posed, portrait style ones of course, but the lifestyle ones capture my senior’s personalities as well. The ones below where Hazel has her iced tea is a fun example of a shot that is more than just a portrait.

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Premiere Tri-Cities High School Senior Photographer_0171Premiere Tri-Cities High School Senior Photographer_0172Premiere Tri-Cities High School Senior Photographer_0173
Premiere Tri-Cities High School Senior Photographer_0175Premiere Tri-Cities High School Senior Photographer_0176Premiere Tri-Cities High School Senior Photographer_0177Premiere Tri-Cities High School Senior Photographer_0178

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