Getting the Perfect Rock N Roll Look | Style Tips

Okay, girls, let’s talk about the rocker look! Sure, it can be drastic, like black-eyeliner-studded-leather  drastic, but it can also be the perfect way to add some edge to your senior session….when it’s done right, of course. Faith is a perfect example of a more edgy look that’s still pretty and polished, but expresses her personality. We started with a stellar makeup look (of course), and with a berry colored lip, it kept it from being too dark and dramatic. Then, she opted for a neutral base: a grey, loose tee and fitted but distressed jeans. To add the real style, we added in moto ankle boots and a plaid overskirt, all properly fitted to maintain her feminine shape and not drown her in oversized clothes. She looks both beautiful and also has a bit of a “rock n roll” style.

Remember that your senior session does not have to have just “one” look. You might be super into vintage clothes, but you may not want every single one of your outfits to have a vintage vibe. Remember, you’ll want to display your senior photos and give them to loved ones. Having more than one type of outfit is key to having shot to suit every occasion. A good rule of thumb is to always have one more polished, dressy and modest outfit in the bunch, so that you can use those photos for college applications, scholarships, or other things you may need a more conservative shot for. Faith’s super cute blazer/black look is a great example of an outfit that still suits her personality but is appropriate for more professional atmospheres.

Whether you’re a rocker, a vintage fashionista, or just want to wear a tee shirt and jeans, we can find the perfect location and style for you! CALL ME TODAY to book your amazing session!

Premiere Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer_0364Premiere Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer_0365Premiere Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer_0366Premiere Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer_0367Premiere Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer_0368Premiere Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer_0369Premiere Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer_0370Premiere Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer_0371Premiere Tri-Cities, WA High School Senior Photographer_0372

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