Gabriela | Street Team 2017 | Seniors

Do you see the awesome shirts that my girls are wearing? They say, “Hello Beautiful”, which embodies everything that I want my senior street team to remember. Gabriela is part of my 2017 street team, representing Kennewick High School, and is as sweet as she is beautiful. She’s super outgoing, positive, and you can always find a smile on her face! I always get a range of personalities each year on my street team, from outgoing gals to more quiet ones, but they always do an amazing job representing my photography and their high school. Gabriela is an active volleyball player, and loves the music programs she’s involved in.

“I want to represent Photography by Galicia because yes, I want amazing senior pictures but also I feel that because I live in a small town and there isn’t much options around here that they’d see my pictures and wonder who I got then from”, she explain to me, “Also, I love your work and know a lot of people who I can share with!” I feel confident she will do an amazing job this year, and I can’t wait for you to meet the rest of my team in the days to come.


To be up to date on the latest news, and opportunities to join the next street team, please contact me today!

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