Do you know what you’re capable of? | Senior Inspiration

“Nothing has transformed my life more than realizing that
it’s a waste of time to evaluate MY worthiness by weighing the reaction
of the people in the stands”. -Brene Brown

It’s Valentine’s Day just around the corner…Some of you are rejoicing cause you have a sweetie to celebrate with (hello roses and chocolates, amiright?! I hope my husband is reading this…hint, hint!), and some of you are wishing you could hide away because you don’t have a special someone. I wanted to take this time on the blog to talk to you about someone you DO get to love, and that’s YOU. Now, before I get into why, let me tell you something. I’ve always had a bigger vision for this blog, and that vision was all about sharing senior portraits and also helping every single senior see their true beauty. Because of that, my heart just breaks and grieves when I meet my seniors and hear about the bullying, the self-esteem that was crushed in high school, or the things they’ve faced that no one should have to go through. But, there’s another, sweeter side to hearing those stories that you may not realize. When I hear these stories, I also hear something else. I meet the fighters. I meet the ones who stood back up. I meet the ones who walked through the bullying, and only came out kinder, stronger, more aware of the others who are being bullied. I meet the girls who are beautiful because they finally realized it has nothing to do with the people watching. I meet the ones who have walked through cancer with family members, who have faced deaths of friends far too early, the seniors who have been homeless or who are the first to attend college. 

So, I want to share this today: Do you truly know what you’re capable of? Do you? Do you really believe you are beautiful? You are. You are enough. So this valentine’s day, remember that the person you have to love first…is YOU. And you are capable of things you never, ever imagined.



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