Dana S | Columbia Burbank High School

I always ask my seniors to share something they wish they’d have known as a freshman. I think it’s always important to practice self-awareness, and focus on how far you’ve come. I love hearing the things that they have learned, and if I have the privilege of knowing them before their junior year, I get to witness the growth, too! Dana is graduating from Columbia Burbank High School, and has an amazing 3.5 G.P.A. This spunky gal adds that she missed quite a bit of school, and worked hard to catch back up, and urges freshman to get into a good rhythm of homework. Although she’s not part of any clubs at her school, she says she loves being part of student life, and showing her support at sporting events. In addition, she loves being part of the mechanics class, and adds, “I learned so much in that class in just a year. I was so glad to be part of the class, and I can now weld and use a bunch of machinery I didn’t know how to use before.”

“I would say my best personality trait is being compassionate”, explains Dana, “I’m a pretty passionate person. I want people to remember that I always had a smile on my face and was a genuinely good person in high school. I also really look up to my big sister, who is such a hard worker.” High school wasn’t always easy for Dana, but she prevailed through the drama and stress to finish strong. For her senior shoot, she wanted to look grown up and beautiful, and we definitely made it happen for her. I loved working with her, and I also loved the mix of urban and outdoor locations that we utilized. After graduation, she plans to attend Columbia Basin College to begin earning her Associate’s degree.

Congratulations, Dana, on the start to your beautiful, incredible future!

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