Cristina | Southridge High School | Washington Senior Photographer

High School is a pretty transformative experience. You may not realize it at the time, but high school molds and changes you through good and bad experiences, and you emerge different than when you stepped in as a freshman. For Cristina, high school was a time in her life when she became proud of who she was. “As a freshman and sophomore I always wanted to fit in and be part of the so called “cool” group”, she explains, “In my junior year, I realized that I wasn’t really being the person I wanted to be so I made some changes that really made an impact on my life and helped me get to where I am today.” Today, this strong and beautiful girl is making strides to become part of the medical field, or to become a physical therapist. She describes herself as energetic, hardworking, and helpful, and I know that these things will her do some amazing things. “I love being involved and really helping my classmates and school feel welcomed and appreciated”, she adds, “I love helping my dance team, the lower class men at my school, any teammates in general, my teachers, my coaches, my family and anyone else. If there’s anything I can do to help someone, I will probably do it!”

At Southridge, she was in dance and track, as well as leadership clubs like Key Club, Buddy Club, and the National Honors Society. When she has a rare free day, she loves hiking and writing. Cristina explained that she would like a variety in her senior session, so we were able to document her athletic achievements, her fashion sense, and even a little boho-inspired flair! We had an awesome time together, and I will leave you with her gorgeous images, and her inspiring words: “In twenty years, I want to be remembered for my personality and I hope to leave an influence on others so that they can further better both themselves and others. I hope to be remembered for that!”


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