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We all put obstacles in our own path toward personal style, myself included.
If we understood why we constructed these practical and emotional obstacles,
we might move beyond it to healthier, happier perceptions of ourselves and,
ideally, a better sense of self-esteem. -Stacy London

Every one of my senior clients has their own individual style, and it’s one of my very favorite things to see that style expressed in their senior wardrobes. Cailey had such amazing, unique style, and was a major fashion risk taker (risks that totally paid off!), and she rocked everything from a boho-inspired fringe to a leather jacket and sky-high red pumps. I love when a girl can come right in and just light up any outfit or frame she’s in. Cailey is a delightful, bold, and fun young woman who attends Kennewick High School. At her school, she’s active as a student leader and lends her talents to the dance team. “I also love Debate and English because debate allows you to prove a point and defend your answer against another person’s point of view”, she explains, “I’m very opinionated! And I love English because it allows me to be creative and write.”

“The most important thing I’ve learned in high school is how to love and respect myself”, she continues, “I overcame this struggle by believing in myself, and finally realizing that no matter what, I can always become a greater version of myself. That gave me the confidence to become who I am today: strong and independent.” I love that statement so much, and am so proud of this young lady. After she graduates, she will be aiming her sights towards the Aveda Institute and becoming a cosmetologist, and then continuing on a business degree.

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