Doesn’t she just bring an instant smile to your face? As soon as I met her, Keeley brought one to mine. I was thrilled to have her join my VIP street team, and feel like the Class of 2018 is pretty lucky to have her…I know I am. Keeley is so excited to graduate, and is really soaking up her senior year at Kamiakin High School. She has managed to uphold a 3.7 G.P.A., and is part of the spanish club and the buddy club, (where she loves helping others as a lunch buddy). “I am a pretty fun and outgoing person who loves to make new friends”, says Keeley, “I try hard to be nice to everyone, whether they are kind to me or not”. She adds that art is her main passion, and that she loves photography.

“My theme song would be “Little Things” by One Direction because despite all my insecurities, I know there are people who love me for who I am”, she explains, “I think I look perfect the way I am, and I just need to be reminded of that from time to time. I chose Galicia because I wanted my senior photographs to be amazing, and I knew she would give me perfect photos.” Keeley says her ideal road trip buddy would be Selena Gomez, because “she is just so funny and has great music. She has an amazing voice and we could rock out in the car together. Also me and Selena are very alike in many ways, like we love having fun with our friends and are very interested in fashion and music!”

Thanks, sweet Keeley for being part of my team this year, and for being such an amazing person!




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Monica is currently crushing her senior year at Kennewick High School…this gorgeous gal is rocking a 4.0 grade point average! She’s as lovely and fun to be around as she is intelligent; just the kind of senior I love to welcome onto my street team. If you’re wondering what my street team does, it’s a group of high schoolers who are preparing to graduate and who want an unforgettable senior experience. They join up with me to get their senior photos done, and to also spread the word at their school about my senior photography. In addition, we do stylized group sessions, chat about style/fashion/high school life, and I work hard to make the program really holistic; they also work on community service projects and work on bettering themselves and their cities. It’s important to me that these young people are not just ‘pretty faces.’

Monica really shares my viewpoint and says she also gets frustrated by the idea that a girl needs a guy to be valuable. “My favorite song is Sit Still Look Pretty by Daya,  because I like the message it sends to people about being strong and independent, I also like the fact that it tells girls that if a guy doesn’t treat them right, to not be with him because girls don’t need a guy to have self worth. I am friendly, strong, and independent!” At her school, she manages to keep her grades up, as well as being involved in volleyball and track. Monica also says that her mom (and friend Riley) are her best friends, and that she would choose them as her road trip buddies or concert attendees: “Riley is my best friend, and we always have a blast together. And I’d go on a road trip with my mom, because we always have a great time talking and doing fun things together.” She adds that she chose my street team because of the well-rounded individuals who were part of it. Enjoy her sun kissed, feminine style! I have loved working with her, and think her future is as bright as her smile.

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Lots and lots of my senior clients love the show Pretty Little Liars, and so does this girl! In fact, she says she would go on a road trip with the cast, if she could go with anyone. I personally feel like her style is really similar to Aria’s character on the show, too…she’s got those bohemian vibes for sure! Britney is graduating from Richland High School, where she has an impressive 3.5 grade point average, and loves being active in the yearbook class and the Culture Club. She’s also really passionate about animals, and spends much of her free time volunteering at the local shelter.

“I might seem pretty shy at first, but as I become comfortable, I am super outgoing”, says Britney, “I love making new friends and encouraging people. I try my hardest to make sure everyone is happy, and I love seeing the positive side of everything…I’m very optimistic.” Her optimistic, glass-half-full spirit has been perfect for my street team. I also took her siblings’ senior photos, and her sister was part of my 2017 street team as well. “I wanted to be a part of the street team after my sister had such an enjoyable experience”, she explains, “Galicia is not only amazing as a photographer, but also a very fun and kindhearted person. She makes everyone feel confident about themselves, and I wanted to get the word out about her, so that more people would come to her!”

Are you ready for the best senior experience available? Please contact me today!


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Timber’s name means “strong”, and it’s pretty darn fitting for this stunning, creative, and very smart young woman. She is not only strong, but also a girl who’s always up for an adventure. Timber is part of my street team for the Class of 2018, and brings such a great spirit and personality to our group of seniors. She’s repping Kamiakin High School, where she’s absolutely crushing her studies with a 3.9 grade point average. In addition, she is the vice president of Kamiakin’s FCCLA chapter, a member of the club Link Crew, a volleyball manager and photographer for the yearbook. “I am a really creative person”, says Timber, “I would definitely describe my personality as goofy. I am passionate about creating things, whether it’s a new fashion choice, or a new photography technique. I’m really easygoing, and am someone who likes to go with the flow.” She adds that her favorite singer is Alessia Cara, because of her her authenticity and genuine personality, and that would be the concert she’d love to go to someday. Lastly, she says she loves old music as well, especially the song “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes, because, “of the bubbly romantic vibe. It’s a classic oldie that everyone can love!” Her senior session came out absolutely perfect, the light was just right when we met up, and really cast a lovely glow over her images (or maybe it’s just her personal sparkle!). Timber, I’m so glad you’re part of my team this year!

“I chose you as my senior photographer because I love the way you seem to really get to
know your clients, based on the way you caption your photos with bios on them. Getting
to know the client and making them feel comfortable makes the photos turn out more
authentically and real, which is something I really wanted for my pictures. I love the way
you use the lighting and the way you don’t over-edit so the pictures are beautiful and
classic and not super saturated and fake-looking!”

-Timber, Class of 2018


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As you know, I am a strong advocate for young women who are passionate about helping others. I love when they can take a stand and use their fire to inspire others and incite change. Alyssia is doing just that. She speaks in our local region about discrimination and racism, and has become known for her wise and compassionate words. “I want to be a role model for younger African-American children. I believe ‘black is beautiful’ and that being different is not a bad thing”, she explains, “I want to inspire and empower women, just like Beyonce does. I have heard people look up to me in that way, and I’m glad.” Alyssia is a very positive person, and says, “I love helping people reach their best potential, and I enjoy helping my peers be confident, too”.

At her school, she is involved in hockey, photography club, and key club. She also participates in pageants and the AAAS community. In her free time, Alyssia enjoys reading, shopping, and meditation, and adds, “I also love being with my boyfriend. He is not only my best friend, he is also spontaneous and crazy, and we bring out the best in one another.” She brought her fierce and gorgeous style to our session, and we had so much fun creating these images. As part of my VIP street team, she made sure my images were seen far and wide, and that means the world! To have such strong and independent young women working with me is exactly the vision I had for my brand, and I’m so grateful.

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