Bella | Seniors | Kamiakin High School

This sweet girl is stunning both inside and out. I loved her big smile, great attitude, and of course, her boho-inspired style! When she joined my street team, I was so excited to have her on board, because I knew the caliber of student and person that she was would be perfect to represent what I want my photography to be known for: strong, beautiful, and inspiring high schoolers. She spent much of her extra curricular time during high school as a mentor, helping young children hone valuable reading skills. She also faced a big obstacle when her mom became ill and she had to step up to help manage the household and take care of her brothers. All the while, she maintained her impressive 3.5 G.P.A., and hopes to attend college after graduation to earn her certification as a dental hygienist.

“The best personality trait I have would definitely be my carefree attitude”, she explained, “Whenever I meet new people, I try to be really outgoing and just get to know them. I know how hard it is to make friends and I understand shyness so I try to make myself an open book so people don’t feel uncomfortable or too shy to talk to me.” I loved her ability to make people feel at home…something that I know she will carry into her bright, bright future. “In 20 years, I want people to remember as the girl who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind or be different”, she added, “I want to be remembered as extremely goal-oriented and hard-working, as well as kind and gentle. I want to be remembered for the way I treated others and made them feel worthy for being themselves!”



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