Ashley Jobs | Kamiakin High School | Class of 2016 Street Team

“Education is power, it changes your whole life, it can create a life for yourself. So the more educated you are, the more you learn about what you care about, you become a more caring person. And if you can speak about what you care about to a person you disagree with, without denigrating or insulting them, then you may actually be heard. And you may even change their mind, or they may change yours.” -Amy Poehler

Beauty is more than skin deep, and around here, we sure value brains too! This girl has BOTH! With her impressive 3.9 GPA from Kamiakin High School, meet Ashley, the latest member of the Class of 2016 street team. “I would say I’m a pretty kind-hearted person”, she laughed,  “I love a good laugh. Making people happy, and being happy are two things I value immensely!” She cites her musicality as her greatest talent, but she also was involved with key club and link crew, as well as managing the varsity boy’s soccer team (how on earth does she juggle all that?!). Like so many of us, she LOVES the band One Direction, and said they would be her choice to take the road trip of her dreams with! Among her other favorites are the movie The Sound of Music, and “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. She said she chose me as her senior photographer because, “You’re very talented and I admire your skill! And second, you seem like a blast! Doing pictures with you would be so fun, and I would gladly tell people how amazing you are!”. Well, I believed her, and am so thankful to have such a fun and smart gal representing my photography.

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