Antonia | Seniors | Connell High School

I bet Antonia would make even Tyra Banks proud with her FIERCE style! This little fashionista and I had such a fun time during her urban session. Antonia is a graduating senior from Connell High School, where she participates in choir, and is active in her youth group called Young Life. She loves writing and especially her english classes; something that she said she worked very hard at. “I would say I am weird, a perfectionist, and studious”, she laughed, “If I have a free afternoon, you’ll find me taking a nap!” I loved her sweet spirit and could tell she has a lot of strength. She says her mom is her biggest inspiration, and that she is the strongest woman she knows. However, Antonia’s strength hasn’t come without struggle. “Being a small school in school, if not the smallest, I’ve had to put up with a lot of kids saying hurtful things for the way I looked”, she explained. “Once I began to accept and love myself, I began to not care about what others would say and now I am more confident than ever. I want to be remembered for helping others and staying close to those around me. My family is really important to me. We don’t have a lot but we have each other are strongest together.”

After graduation, she hopes to attend Eastern University to pursue a degree in psychology. She came across my photos on social media, and I am so glad she and I connected. She is an inspiration to me, and should be too of my seniors…no matter the struggles you have to overcome, you can emerge stronger.

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