Ally | Chiawana High School Seniors | Washington Photographer

There’s a few of my amazing seniors who knew me WAY back when….before I was doing this as my full-time career (no, that doesn’t make me old, just sayin’…). Ally met me when I used to teach Spanish, and I was so moved when she shared this memory: “I was really hoping to represent Galicia, because I was one of her former students. If it wasn’t for her, I would never have attended the dual language program at Maya Angelou Elementary, and my life would not be what it is today. I knew from the past that she is so kind-hearted, and that it would be an honor to work with her!” This senior’s bright and caring heart is something I’ve always admired in HER! She is graduating from Chiawana High School with a 3.5  G.P.A., and has an amazing sense of humor (something she says she got from her mom). At Chiawana, she is the editor for the school newspaper, and part of the Chiawana Stage Company. She is also on the leadership team of the Faith Ascent Youth Group, and says she loves listening to Taylor Swift and watching The Fosters when she has free time.

I don’t think I could have chosen a better top for her senior session! The bright pink was so fun and happy, and really suited her big smile and laughter. We also incorporated a bunch of colorful balloons, and let’s be honest, it’s pretty hard to hold back a smile when you see them! Lastly, we caught the perfect light for that pretty vineyard and her lovely, shimmering dress. Ally, I know you’re going on to achieve even better and more amazing things in your future. I’m lucky to have been a part of it.


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