Abbey | Kennewick High School | Washington Senior Portraits

Insecurity and comparison kill all that is beautiful. 
-Demi Lovato

Whew. I think as women, we need to hear that message over and over again. How quick we are to compare ourselves to others. We long for a lower number on the scale, one less breakout of acne, fuller hair, more expensive clothes, and more friends. Then, we open our smartphones and we see all the picture perfect moments crowding us out on Instagram…expensive travels, perfect figures, and “dreamy” lives. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparison and insecurity. I really, really want to impart to my seniors that if they take nothing else from our time together, let it just be this:
YOU ARE ENOUGH. I say it often, because I need to remind myself, too! Your inner beauty is so quickly squelched when you begin comparing yourself. Be who you are, and shine’ll inspire other women to lift each other up and be themselves, too.

Meet Abbey, a sweet senior who has true inner AND outer beauty…Her confidence and smile shine through in everything she does, and I LOVED getting to do her senior session. Abbey is a senior at Kennewick High School, and plays soccer. She says one of her struggles has been balancing her athletics and her academics, but has gained important time management skills in her time at Kennewick. Abbey says her favorite characteristics are that she is hardworking, outgoing, and sassy, and that she looks up to her mom for being such a strong woman. After high school, she will be attending college in Seattle and pursuing interior design.


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