Photography by Galicia – Richland Senior Photographer

I believe that senior photos can be a light….a beacon of hope for teens who are struggling. 
I believe that young people need to hear they are worthy. Worthy of time, attention, and love.
I work hard to establish self-worth and self-love in my clients,
no matter their race, gender, orientation, faith, or talents.
And I believe photos can be transformative in the life of a young person. 
A photo has power. A photo can give power.  
A portrait has the power to make a young woman see herself as strong and brave. It has the power to give a girl strength after being bullied, harassed, or abused.
A portrait can look obstacles in the eye and tell them “not today.” 
A photo can give power back to the powerless:
The girls and guys who are never enough in the hallways of their school.
The athlete who suffered an injury and was sidelined.
The teen who has lost their identity after failing a class or missing the mark.
The young person who didn’t make it into the college they wanted.
It can also give power by humbling those who have it all together, and helping them understand that if they’re at the top of the heap, they can reach a helping hand down to raise someone else up. I’ve met strong teens, and broken ones, and seen the healing happen.
I’ve watched young women who have been bullied stand up, and reach out,
healing their own hurt by building community with others.
All of this happens because of a senior portrait. 
These are the values we abide by here at Photography by Galicia.
Values that show every young person and teen that they are ENOUGH.
Ready to get started? Let’s go!



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